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Watermelon mint water

Watermelon mint water
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Watermelon mint water

Watermelon mint water is the epitome of summer. The watermelon is naturally sweet while the mint brings a clean, lively flavor to the water. During August and September in the Northeast, I often get watermelons at the farmers market. Farmers know their melons are ripe for picking because there is a little curly tendril that dries out close to the melon’s stem. If you want to make sure the melon you’re about to purchase is perfect, just tap on the melon with two fingers; if it sounds hollow, you have a good one.


Watermelon mint water


    Step 1

    Add the watermelon, lime, and mint to a large flask. Fill the flask with cold water and chill it in the refrigerator. The watermelon-mint water will keep for 2–3 days before you have to compost the fruits.

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